The Job Gap BLOG High Performance Doors Combine Safety With Efficiency

High Performance Doors Combine Safety With Efficiency

If you ask facility managers or operations professionals to name a feature they look for in the ideal high performance door, they will likely answer “reliability.” They want a door that opens and closes reliably and doesn’t cause operational disruption. They also want a door that requires minimal maintenance and contributes to the building’s environmental control efforts.This link

In facilities where product flows and workflow are key, fast opening/closing doors allow for optimal logistical operations. These types of facilities operate 24/7, with trucks and forklifts constantly moving products, parts and raw materials through the space. High speed doors allow these environments to quickly and consistently control temperature and air flow, while reducing energy costs and maintaining security.

High Performance Doors: A Key Component of Modern Facilities

A high-performance door that combines safety with efficiency is a smart choice for manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceutical applications. These types of industries require strict hygiene standards, and a high-speed door that is quick to open/close allows them to keep their workspace clean.

Many high-speed doors also feature advanced activation methods like the scan-protect system. This technology can detect entrapment and reverse the door, which prevents injuries to employees as well as damage to products and equipment. Additionally, these doors can offer a variety of colors to communicate when the door is about to open/close or when it’s activated. This helps to reduce employee confusion and increase productivity through clear and consistent operation.

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