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RIBO Exam Prep

The RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) exam is known for its rigorous standards, assessing a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of insurance broking in depth. The exam is not open book, and requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter to pass. To this end, it is crucial for candidates to invest in quality RIBO exam prep that aligns with the test’s learning objectives. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to prepare for the RIBO entry level licence exam. For example, the RIBO exam kit from CourseTree Learning is designed to help students prepare for the RIBO entry level license exam by providing comprehensive study guides that cover all of the necessary material and feature actual questions from RIBO exam banks. Go  Here

Accessing RIBO Level 1 Textbook PDF: Essential Resources for Exam Preparation

RIBO recently announced changes to its entry level licensing exam that will go into effect in January 2024. The changes include an increase from 90 to 100 graded questions and a new exam format that will evaluate more of a candidate’s commercial insurance knowledge. The changes are designed to support a more consistent and accurate assessment of candidates’ abilities.

To qualify for the RIBO Entry Level 1 Licensing Exam, you must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent and be at least 19 years old. Additionally, you must present valid identification on the day of the exam. Moreover, if you are interested in pursuing a management role, you will need to complete the RIBO Management exam, which is similar to the RIBO Entry Level 1 licence except that it allows you to operate a brokerage under your own supervision as the Principal Broker.

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