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Warehouse Optimization Consulting

warehouse optimization consulting

Warehouse optimization consulting is all about improving efficiency and minimizing costs through improved layout design, automation, process reengineering and employee training. It’s about achieving the best possible workflows that feed into order fulfillment and last-mile delivery, which directly impact customer satisfaction.

An effective warehouse operation requires an understanding of current operational processes, identifying bottlenecks and establishing a flexible workflow to accommodate future growth. It’s also about leveraging the right technology to maximize automation and reducing the number of human touch points – both of which can reduce labor costs, inventory write-offs and mistakes (etc).

Maximizing Resources: Warehouse Optimization Consulting

A warehouse optimization assessment can help companies improve worker productivity by assessing and retraining processes that are causing a lot of wasted motion. This can be from simple things like reducing the distance workers have to travel, using standardized bin locations, utilizing lean layout principles and arranging workstations for maximum efficiency.

An assessment can also identify gaps within existing ERP or WMS software that prevent a company from processing orders in the fastest, most accurate manner possible. This can be as simple as modifying an existing system to make it more user-friendly and intuitive, or as complex as evaluating the value of purchasing new warehouse software or material handling automation that would improve productivity.

Finally, an evaluation can highlight the need for better warehouse floor markings or signage that creates transit corridors, aids organization and relays important safety information. Oftentimes this is an easy fix that can greatly improve worker safety and flow throughout the facility.

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