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The Benefits of Street Workout

Avantages du Street Workout or urban calisthenics as it is also known, involves using public spaces, such as parks and playgrounds, to perform bodyweight exercises. It’s a popular fitness trend, with benefits that go beyond just improving muscle strength and endurance. It improves flexibility and balance: Several of the exercises involve multiple muscles at once. This helps to strengthen the entire body, and reduces the risk of injury by strengthening the core and stabilizing the joints.

It increases cardiovascular health: The bodyweight exercises involved in street workout are effective at increasing heart rate and cardiorespiratory fitness, which is important for overall health and well-being. It can also help to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Street Workout : Les Avantages Surprenants pour Votre Santé et Votre Condition Physique

Boosts confidence: The discipline can increase self-confidence and body awareness by helping you to master impressive moves such as muscle ups, handstands and dips. It can also be a great way to meet people as it encourages social interaction and community-building.

It is a great alternative to a gym workout, which can be expensive and limiting in terms of equipment. It’s accessible to everyone and can be done anywhere – the only thing you need is a bit of space, some music, and yourself. It also helps to have a coach, like Pret a Train, who can teach you the basics and guide you to develop your own progressions.

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