While Connecticut’s minimum wage is one of the highest in the country, our findings show it is still far less than a living wage. For each projected job opening that pays a living wage for a single adult…


A 2012 Georgetown University report found that Florida was “poised to become a state of mostly low-wage and/or low-skilled jobs…


Idaho’s low minimum wage and increasing trend toward part-time jobs make it difficult for low-wage Idahoans to support themselves and their families. With 10 job-seekers for every projected living-wage job opening…


Maine’s minimum wage hasn’t increased in four years, making it difficult for low-wage workers to support themselves and their families. Expanding Medicaid eligibility, or MaineCare, would reduce the cost of living for thousands of low-wage workers while also helping them stay healthy, and would spur…


With eight job-seekers for every projected living-wage job opening (and as many as 58 for each job that supports a worker, his or her spouse and two children), workers in Montana will continue to struggle to provide for their basic needs unless


Nearly 20% of jobs in Nevada are comprised of the cooks and food servers in this industry3 — an industry with historically low wages.

New York City

In New York City, the minimum wage is just 32% of our study’s calculated living wage for a single adult, and is less than one-fifth of what a single adult with two
children needs…


When compared to actual living wages in Oregon, neither minimum-wage jobs nor the slightly higher median wage for fast-food jobs come close to providing enough for workers to get by.


Medicaid expansion would create nearly 27,000health care jobs in Virginia, a sector in which all occupations provide median wages well above the state’s minimum wage of $7.25, and many provide wages at or above our study’s calculated single adult living wage of $18.59.


Momentum in Washington is building for a minimum wage that more closely resembles a living wage.

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