Past Reports

2016-2017 Job Gap Series:

Waiting for the Payoff (October 2016)

2015-2016 Job Gap Series:

Pay Up! (October 2015)

Patchwork of Paychecks (December 2015)

Jobs After Jail (February 2016)

2014-2015 Job Gap Series:

Families Out of Balance (August 2014)

Equity in the Balance (November 2014)

Low Wage Nation (February 2015)

Rigged to Fail (March 2015)

2013 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2012 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2011 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2010 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2009 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2008 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2007 Job Gap Study:

Living in the Red (PDF)

Looking for Work that Pays (PDF)

The Race for Wages (PDF)

2006 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2005 Job Gap Study:

2005 Job Gap Study (PDF)

Health Gap (PDF)

2004 Job Gap Study (PDF)

2001 Job Gap Study:

Job Gap Idaho (PDF)

Job Gap Montana (PDF)

Job Gap Oregon (PDF)

Job Gap Washington (PDF)

1999 Job Gap Study (PDF)