About the Author

Allyson Fredericksen has produced state and national reports on living wage standards, student debt, Medicaid expansion, women’s access to healthcare, and the foreclosure crisis. Her research has been featured in local and national media outlets including the New Yorker, Bloomberg BNA, the Huffington Post, Seattle Times, Puget Sound Business Journal, Portland Business Journal, and more. Allyson holds an M.A. in Policy Studies from the University of Washington with a focus on safety net and racial justice issues. Her prior experience includes advocating for increased affordable housing and a strengthened safety net, and research on training outcomes for child care workers in Washington State.


This study has benefited from contributions from the following: Kathy Mulady, Libero Della Piana, Jill Reese, and Ben Henry of the Alliance for a Just Society, and interns Mekal Banyasz, Kristofer Bitney, and Tina Sadowski.

The author would also like to thank Design Action for their work with layout and graphics design.

Finally, the author wants to thank the organizers at Alliance affiliates for collecting stories and releasing the report, and the storytellers for providing us with a glimpse into the tough realities faced by working families trying to make ends meet.