Day: June 7, 2024

Lucid Motors Cuts Its Delivery Target For 2022 in HalfLucid Motors Cuts Its Delivery Target For 2022 in Half

Overcast skies and rain didn’t dampen the collective mood along Columbia Avenue and Michigan Avenue in Battle Creek on April 20, the unofficial cannabis holiday. Customers were seen lining up at several of the dispensaries that dot the thruway, many with giveaways and food trucks to celebrate.

The city of lucid battle creek one fewer retail pot shops than Michigan’s cultural cannabis capital, Ann Arbor, but it has the second-most adult-use marijuana establishments in the state after Emmett Township, which shares a border with Battle Creek and has 24 licenses for both medical and recreational use. Both municipalities have strict rules for the cannabis industry that must be followed on top of state regulations.

While the traditional carmakers were slow to develop electric cars that resonated with consumers, their decades of experience and networks of factories have given them a decisive advantage over newer start-ups. But that advantage may be fading.

2023 XC40 Recharge Range: How Far Can It Go

Lucid Motors, which has received acclaim for its Air sedan but has struggled to make enough of them, cut its delivery target for 2022 in half this week after delivering only 679 vehicles in the second quarter. The company says it has run into problems acquiring components that are in short supply.

John Kassa did his due diligence when looking for a location for his business, Nature’s Finest, a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. He chose an area on the city’s north side medical corridor, near a dialysis center and an Arby’s. He also hired a security firm to patrol his facility. Security is crucial for businesses such as his, he said, because medical marijuana is easy to steal and sell on the street for cash.