About the Authors

BenBen Henry, Senior Policy Associate

Ben has produce national reports on living wage standards, the influence of money in politics, and America’s foreclosures crisis. Ben has appeared on NPR, the Huffington Post and Bloomberg News, with research findings reported on by CBS News, The Hill, ThinkProgress, and dozens of local news outlets across the country. After a 12-year journalism career as an award-winning newspaper production editor, Ben graduated from the University of Washington’s Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs with a Master’s in Public Administration with a Nonprofit Management Certificate in 2012.


allyson-224x300Allyson Fredericksen, Policy Associate

At the Alliance, Allyson has helped produce reports, fact sheets, proposals, and other research materials on issues including jobs & wages; Medicaid expansion; women’s access to healthcare; student debt; and the foreclosure crisis. Allyson is one of the lead researchers on the Alliance’s Job Gap and Living Wage reports. Allyson graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with a M.A. in Policy Studies in 2010.



The study has benefited from contributions from the following: Jill Reese, Kathy Mulady, Jason Collette, Fernando Mejia, and Danisha Christian, of the Alliance for a Just Society, and interns Jesse Meade, Lisa Mikesell, and Carly Brook.

We would also like to thank Brook Hines for her work with layout and graphics design.

Finally, we want to thank the organizers at Alliance affiliates for collecting stories and releasing the Job Gap Study, and the storytellers for providing us with a glimpse into the tough realities faced by working families trying to make ends meet.