The Job Gap business Why Choose Abode Advocacy Group?

Why Choose Abode Advocacy Group?

Melbourne Buyers Agents you’re an experienced investor or first home buyer, purchasing property in Melbourne can be a complicated and stressful process. A Melbourne Buyers Agent can help you avoid the pitfalls, save time and money, and ensure you buy your next investment or primary residence at a great price.

A qualified buyers advocate can act exclusively for you, the buyer, and can represent your interests during every stage of the buying process, from researching suburbs and properties to negotiating the final sale price. A good Melbourne buyers agent will have experience dealing with local real estate agents and know how to recognise their priorities, motivations and selling strategies.

Abode Advocacy Group is a highly-regarded independent Melbourne buyer’s agency that works with a broad range of clients across the city. The founders, Matthew and Dion, spent over 20 years working as a successful sales team but found that the sense of satisfaction didn’t match the joy they got from assisting people to achieve their buying goals.

Maximizing Your Property Potential: The Role of Buyers Agents in Melbourne

Their USP is their trusted network of relationships with agents across the city, enabling them to gain access to properties that won’t be available to the general public and at a better price. They also specialise in helping first home buyers, family buyers and investors, and provide a comprehensive service that includes property searches, auction bidding and single property reports. Contact them today to book a no-pressure Property Strategy Session.

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