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What You Need to Know About Your Electricity Connections

If you’re electricity connections  a new house or developing a housing development and want to connect electricity, you’ll need to apply to a energy supplier for a domestic supply agreement. Your energy supplier will contact ESBN to arrange your connection. ESBN operates and maintains the network. This article explains what you need to know about your electricity connections, including how to connect and disconnect.

The electricity distribution system consists of two kinds of wires. One of them is called phase and the other neutral. The function of the phase and neutral is to transfer electric power from the network to your home or commercial premises.

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Single-phase connections are intended for domestic supplies and residential homes because they require less electricity. Unlike three-phase connections, single-phase connections only use two wires. A single-phase power supply doesn’t work as well with units that require more than 5 horse power. Three-phase connections have four wires that make up a complex network that transmits maximum power. Hence, they are used by large machinery.

Electrical continuity between wires is essential for electrical safety. When the continuity is lost, a spark may ignite the insulation and damage or even destroy the conductors. This is why it’s important to check the continuity between wires with an electrical tester.

Some connector housings are designed with locking mechanisms to prevent inadvertent disconnection or poor environmental sealing. These designs include locking levers of various sorts, jackscrews, screw-in shells and push-pull connector systems. Some of these locking mechanisms are also tested in environments such as physical shock and vibration, water spray, dust and other contaminants to ensure that they are effective.

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