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The Importance of Clean Commercial Kitchen Extraction

In busy kitchens, there is a lot of smoke, heat and grease that needs to be extracted from the air. This is to protect the health and safety of staff, as well as preventing damage to equipment, walls and buildings.

Commercial kitchen extraction works by drawing contaminated air up through the extractor hood and through a ducting system where it is filtered before being vented outside. There are four main types of commercial kitchen extraction systems – canopy hoods, baffle filters, condensation canopies and filtration units. A make up air system is also often included, which works separately from the extraction system to provide fresh air to the kitchen.

Exploring Kitchen Extraction Systems: How They Keep Your Kitchen Clean

One of the most important functions of kitchen extraction is to prevent fumes, gases and odours from entering other areas of your business, such as customer dining rooms or office spaces. This will not only help to maintain a comfortable working environment for your team but it will also keep the dining experience pleasant for customers.

Extraction systems can also help to reduce noise pollution in a workplace, especially with the latest low-noise models that operate at just over 70 decibels at head height. This is about the same as a vacuum cleaner and far quieter than a steak being grilled in your commercial kitchen!

However, if your kitchen extractor system is not cleaned and maintained correctly, it can lead to several problems. The most obvious is that it can build up with grease which will lead to a fire hazard and reduced ventilation efficiency. This is why it is so important to clean your extraction system regularly, ideally on a daily basis.

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