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Protect Your Property With Bollards

As threats to people and buildings increase from criminal acts and terrorism, security measures become more sophisticated. Bollards are a versatile solution to thwart hostile vehicle attacks (HVM) by acting as both visual barriers and physical protection from vehicles. Whether they’re used as standalone applications or covers for steel-and-concrete security posts, these durable and attractive designs allow for access while deterring vehicles from entering sensitive areas. They’re available in multiple sizes and styles that meet different security ratings, as well as illuminated and non-illuminated options.

Do driveway bollards work?

Traditional Bollards security are typically made of cast iron, and provide a timeless aesthetic that blends with most architectural settings. They’re a popular choice for regulating traffic in urban centers and public spaces, preventing vehicular intrusion and controlling access during specific hours. They can also be used in private parking areas, as a barrier for underground garages, and to protect high-profile buildings from attacks.

For a more modern approach, retractable bollards raise to prevent vehicle entry and then slide back into their ground receivers to permit passage. These are ideal for areas where a temporary blockage is needed, such as during events or during construction. They’re also a common replacement for lift gates at access points like parking garages or rail crossings.

For the highest levels of security, crash-rated bollards are designed to withstand multiple waves of vehicle attack. These are often used in governmental facilities and buildings to guard against terrorist attacks. They’re installed far enough from the building to prevent penetration and create a safe distance for people to evacuate in the event of an incident.

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