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How to Lower Your Snapchat Ad Cost

snapchat ad cost

Snapchat ad cost is a popular social media platform with 229 million daily active users. Its advertising platform is self-serve and supports a full-funnel advertising strategy with campaign objectives driven toward awareness, consideration, and conversions. Its ad creatives can include Single Image Ads, Video Ads, Sponsored Lenses, and Snapchat Stories. Snapchat also offers advanced targeting capabilities including interest, demographics, devices, and more. Snapchat’s ad metrics dashboard is highly customizable, with the ability to view and compare metrics that are directly related to your goals such as impressions, completions, swipe ups, and cost per swipe up (eCPSU).

Snapchat charges based on an auction system, which means that ad placements win based on a combination of your bid and Snapchat’s understanding of what you want to achieve through your ad, such as app installs or ad engagement. Its understanding of your goal is influenced by your ad performance, which can be measured through its ad quality metric that measures how well your ad delivers on what it promises.

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Snapchat’s ad quality metric is different than Google’s “Quality Score” in that it considers both the quality of your ad and how well it matches its audience. This makes it more important than ever to create a well-performing ad that is relevant and provides a positive user experience for your audience. The more effective your ad is, the lower its Snapchat ad cost will be. The best way to reduce Snapchat ad costs is by optimizing your campaigns for the goals you have set.

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