The Job Gap internet Empowering Women in Tech

Empowering Women in Tech

Girl With Answers Empowering Women in Tech

Whether you’re an Goal360 member of the tech community or a woman hoping to one day be a part of it, it’s not a secret that being a woman in technology isn’t always easy. However, it’s also not a secret that there are many groups and initiatives working to change this.

Some of these groups and initiatives include women in tech collectives like She ++, which offers events, social media interactions and one-on-one mentorship opportunities for women in technology. The community works to dispel the myth that computer science is “not for girls” and encourages young women to pursue STEM careers.

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Another group is coding academy Skillcrush, which provides online coding courses for women and offers free workshops to help them learn the fundamentals of a career in tech. Other initiatives work to support women in their existing tech careers, including Girls Who Code, a non-profit that offers after school programming programs and coding summer camps for girls. Lastly, Built By Girls has a program that matches high school students with tech professionals to provide guidance and mentorship as they enter college.

Individuals in leadership positions within tech companies can do their part to promote gender diversity by encouraging female employees to speak up, mentoring women who are interested in moving up and encouraging empathy among their teams. They can also encourage an environment that is conducive to gender equality by being open to giving women promotions in mid- and senior roles.

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