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Custom Tactical Patch

A custom tactical patch is a great way to reinforce a military group’s identity based on distinction and quality. These patches are often sewn to uniforms of military personnel and first responders. These can be used to illustrate ranks, badges, accomplishments or simply a motto. The patch’s material should also be strong enough to withstand outdoor environments where they will inevitably be worn. Embroidery is one of the most popular choice for these patches, as it offers the best clarity in terms of fine details. The best embroidered patches have a merrow border, which helps make the patch look expertly made.

Embroidery is also a good choice when you need patches that can be washed and will continue looking good after prolonged use. The only drawback to embroidery is that it cannot produce as thin a line as twill, which can be a problem if you need a patch with a lot of detail.

Strategic Style: The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Custom Tactical Patch

Tactical Velcro patches allow individuals to display their rank, while also allowing them to customize their gear to suit their role. They can be applied to a wide variety of clothing, including bags, jackets, hats, and even sports teams shirts. They are commonly worn by law enforcement, EMS, firefighter and SAR staff, as well as airsoft teams and K9 unit members. Several of these types of patches feature hi-visibility designs to help them stand out in low or no light conditions. They can also be designed to be IR reflective, which makes them visible when viewed with night-vision equipment.

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